Smart Customer Acquisition



1. Smart Customer Acquisition


As retail banking business is characterized by large customer size, insufficient service for long-tail customers and diverse customer composition, we believe it is necessary to utilize a variety of services channels including Mobile App, H5 and WeChat Mini Programs to reach long-tail customers.


We aim to build big data based personalized service capabilities through ways:


  • Applying big data to no-touch customer marketing; processing customer behaviour data in a real-time and smart manner;
  • Comprehensively evaluating customer credit ratings, income levels, risk tolerance, behaviour characteristics, user habit and user preferences; utilizing warehoused data and well-developed algorithms to tailor-make user interface for each individual customer;
  • Tailor-making advertisements for precision marketing based on data mining analysis over customer behaviour and tagging on customer segmentation.


We aim to help banks:

  • Increase customer acquisition precision;
  • Lower customer acquisition cost;
  • Improve customer user experiences and business conversion rate;
  • Achieve personalized pricing.


Our major steps:

  1. Capture real-time data and big data (including bank internal and external data, structured and semi-structured data), clean and process data to extract features, prepare for customer profiling;
  2. Establish tagged customer model based on customer basic information, interests and hobbies, social features, consuming behaviour, etc.;
  3. Categorize customers based on parameters such as user features, product needs;
  4. Enable smart arrivals of products / services to customers through Collaborative Filtering, Association Rule Learning, Recommending Machine, etc.


2. Smart Arrivals to Customers


One main pain point for banks in developing internet-based lending business is “difficult to arrive customers”. Most of existing customers are off-line - once put online, banks will face problems such as:

  • When and how to reach customers and push desirable credit products to their attention;
  • How to enable online application and withdrawal;
  • etc.


We aim to enable smart arrivals to customers through various ways.