• China FinMaker Competition FAQs

  • Where can I find more info about previous events such as applicants and winners?

    The majority of previous China FinMaker Competitions applicants are FinTech companies based in China. We also had participation from financial institutions that are building FinTech ventures. The competition was perceived by many as valuable platform to showcase their work and gain recognitions from the financial industry in China. Most projects only have information available in Chinese language. However, we have provided short summaries of a few selected winners from previous events. You can find them in our brochure.

    Will the organizer provide any support in travelling and accommodation?

    Yes. We will provide economy-class return flights tickets and local accommodation for max. one member of the team.

    Will the winner of the international segment be eligible for the grand prizes as well?

    The winner of the international segment will no longer enter the selection of the TOP 3 prizes of the overall grand competition. The rest of the teams from the international segment will compete with the Chinese teams for the grand final.

    I am a foreigner running a FinTech startup in China, am I eligible?

    Yes. Our criteria for startups to enter the international segment competition is: 1) the startup is incorporated outside of China; or 2) At least one of the founders is a foreign national.

    What are other available opportunities if I take part in the event?

    Besides showcasing outstanding FinTech innovations, the goal of China FinMaker Competition is creating a platform for FinTech entrepreneurs to meet with incumbent banks and investors in China. If you are interested in the Chinese market, this is a great opportunity.

    By taking part in the competition, startups can also benefit from the services of Hande Finmaker. Our expertise is helping banks design their digital strategies. An important area of our work is facilitating collaboration between FinTech startups and banks. Therefore, we can connect you with potential clients in China.

    Got more questions? Don't hesitate to send us a message at hi@globalfintechlab.com.