• Global FinTech Lab

    Founded in 2016, Global FinTech Lab (GFL) is a joint initiative of Hande Science & Technology Sharing Laboratory (Shenzhen) Co. (“Hande GFL”), International Monetary Institute of Renmin University of China. It is the first innovation institution focusing on fintech start-up investment and incubation, and fintech ecosystem services in China.


    Global Fintech Lab is committed to financial technology research and development, fintech company investment and incubation, and fintech ecosystem services. It also provides digital banking transformation and operation innovation services by applying financial technology and integrating it with partners in the ecosystem.


    Global Fintech Lab Singapore was co-established by Hande Fintech Holding (parent company of Hande GFL) and Yillion Bank in 2019.



    Mission and Vision

    • To become an influential platform globally for experience sharing, research exchange, cooperation and services in the fintech industry.                                
    • To connect top-level experts in finance, technology, and investment communities in fintech’s ecosystem.Global Fintech Lab aims to incubate fintech enterprises, lead fintech industry’s growth and innovation by applying creative fintech practices and financial service business models. It will help banks and financial institutions to leverage fintech in upgrading their service capacities.                                                                                                                            
    • To work as a think tank and assist government agencies and institutions in their efforts to promote and facilitate the R&D and application of financial technologies.
    Global Fintech Lab’s footprints in China’s Fintech industry

    The first fintech innovation centre

    The first fintech government fund in innovation (Shenzhen)

    The first blockchain application in supply chain finance

    The first “China fintech maker competition”

    The first fintech knowledge training program

  • Founders of Global FinTech Lab

    (Hande GFL)

    Hande Science & Technology Sharing Laboratory (Shenzhen) Co.

    Hande Science & Technology Sharing Laboratory (Shenzhen) is wholly owned by Hande Fintech Holding. It is the first fintech ecosystem innovation services platform in China. The company connects world-class experts and developers in finance, technology, investment, and consulting. It focuses on cutting-edge application development in the fintech industry, innovation services for financial institutions, fintech maker’s incubation, investment and consulting services.

    International Monetary Institute

    International Monetary Institute of Renmin University of China was established in 2009. It is a non-profitable academic institution focusing on monetary theories, policies, and strategies research. The institution is also a late-model think tank. It applies “Great Finance” academic framework and thinking paradigm, and has made excellent achievements in R&D, international academic exchanges, policy advisory, and global finance elites training.

    Yillion Bank

    Yillion bank is co-founded by seven private companies, including Meituan Dianping group. It was founded in May 2017 and became one of the only four digital banks in China. Yillion bank pursues “digital banking, smart life” and applies technologies such as big data, AI, Cloud Computing to build services platforms, connections and integrate itself into real life scenarios. Its core value is making finance accessible, safe and convenient, as well as making customers enjoy smarter life.

  • Initiating experts

    Edward PRESCOTT

    Principal Advisor


    Professor Prescott received Prize Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics in 2004. Since 2003, he has been teaching at Arizona State University. Prescott has been an economic advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis since 1981. He is also a member of the United States National Academy of Science.

    Tong CAO

    Global Fintech Lab founder, Principal Advisor, Banker

    Dr. Cao is chairman of board at Hande Fintech Holding. He is the former CEO of Tencent’s Webank, former Deputy CEO of Export and Import Bank of China, and former Deputy CEO of China CITIC Bank. Dr. Cao is a leader of fintech industry in China. He received a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Arizona State University.

    Ningqiao WANG

    Global Fintech Lab Co-founder

    Mr. Wang is an expert in product innovation and marketing. He is CEO of Global Fintech Lab. He has been working in finance industry for more than 20 years. He spent most of his time on finance innovation and marketing when working for Bank of China, China Merchants Bank and China Citic Bank. Mr. Wang led development of dozens of finance innovation projects and was awarded as one of the “New Fintech Leaders of China” in 2017.

  • management team

    Xin MEI

    Global Fintech Lab Director

    Mr. Mei is an expert in information management and innovation services. He has been working in enterprise information management consulting and technology innovation management for decades. He is a former partner at PWC and IBM Global Consulting Services. He had engagement experiences in finance, telecommunication, manufacturing industry and smart cities, e-commerce services.

    Ke SONG

    Global Fintech Lab Co-Director

    As an associate professor of Renmin University of China, Dr. Song serves as the university’s deputy director of International Monetary Institute, and deputy director of Asset Management Research Centre. He is the secretary general of “50 Forum of Cross-boarder finance”, committee of “50 Forum of Fintech”, and deputy chief editor of “International Monetary Review”.

    Weidong LU

    Global Fintech Lab Co-Director

    Mr. Lu is a specialist in finance and consulting. He is CEO of Beijing Yillion smart life technology company. He has more than 20 years of working experience in application of financial technologies. He used to lead teams in ICBC, Construction Bank of China, China Development Bank, China Everbright Bank, China Investment Corporation in digital banking transformation. He also worked as deputy director and CIO of Harbin Bank, and partner of Deloitte China in information and IT consulting.

  • Our Services

    Digital banking transformation services

    1. Digital banking transformation strategies

    Global Fintech Lab combines Hande’s capabilities in Fintech innovation and Yillion Bank’s experience in digital banking. It co-operates with Chinese and global renowned consulting firms specialised in strategies and finance, applies successful experience from digital banking transformation, and provides banks with customised transformation strategies including:

    • Digital banking transformation core business structure analysis and design.
    • Organisation and human resource structure of digital banking transformation’s innovative services, products, services, technology roadmap, system, data, funding, and business partner selection.
    • Digital banks’ construction including internal construction, external co-operations, open banking, shared service in industry, etc.
    • Execution blueprints.

    Digital transformation overall IT system outsourcing

    Global Fintech Lab provides digital transformation IT system outsourcing services including system construction, data construction and migration, staff training, and new business operation support as an overall IT system outsourcing solution.

    Product proposal for individual projects and relevant operation services

    Global Fintech Lab is specialised in designing customised applications and product proposals for smart customer-acquisition, big data credit inquiry, risk-control-driven individual and enterprise loan, open banking, finance scenario services, enterprise property loans, car loans, union loans, blockchain based supply chain finance, etc.

    Digital banking operation custodian services

    Hande Science & Technology Sharing Laboratory (Shenzhen) is wholly owned by Hande Fintech Holding. It is the first fintech ecosystem innovation services platform in China. The company connects world-class experts and developers in finance, technology, investment, and consulting. It focuses on cutting-edge application development in the fintech industry, innovation services for financial institutions, fintech maker’s incubation, investment and consulting services.

    Digital transformation investment services

    Global Fintech Lab provides funding (active investment fund and specialised investment fund), and fund-raising services focusing on digital banking transformation and development.

    Construction of a “Regional and Global digital banking consortium blockchain for digital banks”

    Facilitate financial institutions’ shared customers, systems, modules, ledgers, clearance services and to become a social infrastructure.

  • Fintech ecosystem services

    China fintech maker competition

    Finance industry is facing many challenges. Big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other financial technology are changing the game of finance rapidly. The future is coming. Fintech has become the power to drive generation wealth leap, and the hotspot in finance industry.


    To boost innovation and development in China’s fintech industry, promote fintech applications development, and discover talent, Shenzhen Hande Finmaker launched “China fintech maker competition”. It is the first innovation competition in China focusing on cutting-edge technologies including AI, Blockchain, Big Data, VR/AR. This competition has been held in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hangzhou and became the most influential fintech innovation competition in China.

    Global fintech summit meeting

    Global fintech summit meeting……

    Fintech Ecosystem services

    1. International exchange: to promote fintech new thinking, new technology and new models by international exchange and cooperation.
    2. Academic research: to involve leading finance research institutions, universities and experts in cooperation and popularise latest academic achievements.
    3. Industry-University-Research collaboration: to collaborate resources from both industry and academic backgrounds; to drive innovation in technology and services in fintech area.
    4. Fintech innovation services: fintech training, incubation, investment, and market connection services.
  • Fintech innovation training services


    After its establishment in 2017, Global Fintech Lab has connected more than 300 experts from different backgrounds including Nobel laureate Edward Prescott. Global Fintech Lab provides structured Fintech “F + A, B, C, D, E” courses. F means Fintech, A is Artificial Intelligence, B is Blockchain, C is Cloud Computing, D is big Data, E is customer Experience. This training program is targeting senior managers from banks, fintech companies and finance directors from industries. It contains high-end fintech training materials including cutting-edge fintech practices, innovation in digital banking, trips to renowned financial institutions in China and overseas, banking and finance innovation proposals.


    Our current courses include: Finance apprentice classes, Banking 4.0 classes, Fintech leader program, and Digital banking transformation for enterprises.

  • Government projects


    Global Fintech Lab worked closely with Shenzhen Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. (SIHC) and Nanshan district government. It co-founded and manages two fintech innovation funds to support the development of fintech industry.

    GFL supports the operation of the Fintech Sub-Association of China’s Association of Small and Medium Enterprises. This fintech association is a non-for-profit organisation which connects enterprises, academic institutions, and experts from fintech industry. It is committed to providing services to fintech companies, collaborating finance, technologies and industries resources, and building a platform for its members to have discussion with financial institutions.

    The fintech association currently has involved 200 banks and financial institutions and covered 220,000 enterprise members. It also involves top organisations including “Talents Magazine”, Zhongguancun Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (ZVCA), China VC PE investment research institute, Shenzhen Women Entrepreneur Association, China Blockchain Research Alliance, Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF), Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB), Research School or Peking University, China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), the PBC School of Finance (PBCSF) of Tsinghua University, International Finance School of Fudan university, and Renmin university.

  • Digital Banking products and services

  • Finance Area

    Hongzhang Wang



    Head of North-east Asia Economic Research School at Dongbei University of Finance and Economics. Former Chairman of board at China construction bank.

    Lihui Li

    Banker and Finance Academic

    Professor at Peking University and Tsinghua University. Leader of the blockchain research group at China’s National Internet Finance Association. Former deputy director of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

    Xiaoxian Chen



    Professor at Dongbei University of Finance and Economics. Former vice president of China Merchant Bank, president of China Citic Bank, deputy director of Citic Group, Chairman of board at China Citic Bank International.

    Songzuo Xiang



    Professor, Board Member, and Deputy Director of the International Monetary Institute of Remin University of China. Professor Xiang served as the Chief Economist at the Agricultural Bank of China. He is the Editor-in-Chief of "Global Finance & Economy".

    Jin Yang

    Finance Expert

    Ms. Yang has served as assistant to president at Wells Fargo, vice president of Citibank Hong Kong, executive of credit branch at Standard Chartered Bank Hong Kong. She also worked for internet companies including Baidu and 58 finance as senior executive.

    Qiguang Zhang

    Banker, Chattered Accountant

    President of Yillion bank. Mr. Zhang has worked for People’s bank of China and City Commercial Banks. He also served as president and CFO for Harbin bank. Mr. Zhang is specialised in micro-credit, regional and agriculture banking.

    Jinsong Ma

    Fintech Expert, Private Banker

    Mr. Ma is the CEO of Hande Fintech Holding. He was the former deputy director of credit card branch of China Citic bank, and director of BBVA Private Banking branch of China Citic bank.

    Feng Gao

    International Banker


    Dr. Gao serves as general manager and chairman of board of Deutsch bank China. He is dedicated to developing the global service of Deutsch bank into the Chinese market.

    Quan Li

    International Banker


    Dr. Li served as CEO of ANZ China, CEO of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) China and NatWest Chief Representative China. He has more than 20 years of experience in international commercial banking, investment banking, trust investment etc.

    Lei Chen

    Fintech Expert, ABS Specialist

    Dr. Chen is the Chief Strategy Officer of Hande Fintech Holding. He served as vice president of New China Trust Co. Ltd, Managing Director of Barclays Bank, and Managing Director of RBS Hong Kong. He is an ex-Wall Street investment banker with experiences from Citigroup, Wachovia Securities and RBS Greenwich Capital.

    Haiteng Jin

    Finance Specialist


    President of Rongzhidao Consulting. Executive Chairman of the CEO Forum of Small and Medium Commercial Banks in China, former senior advisor of Guangfa Bank; deputy governor of Guangfa Bank and executive deputy general manager of BOC Trust.

    Jian Chen

    ABS Specialist


    Congshuang Zhu

    Credit and Asset Allocation Specialist

    Chairman of board at Hande Enterprise Credit Services. Dr. Zhu served multiple roles at China Citic Bank before joining Hande, including general manager of private banking for Shanghai region, retail banking for Shenzhen region, asset management and private banking for Shanghai region, etc.

    Meizhi Yan

    Global Finance Expert

    Director and general manager of UBS Asia’s investment banking sector. Ms. Yan worked as head of research at Barclay Asia, senior VP at Nomura Hong Kong and chief debt grader at Moody’s Hong Kong.

    Yaohui Su

    Insurance Expert

    General manager of risk control department at People's Insurance Company (Group) of China. Mr. Su worked more than 20 years in insurance industry. He was previously the vice president of Insurance Association of China.

    Jiequn Guo

    ABS Specialist and Academic

    Professor Guo is a scholar at Central University of Finance and Economics. He is also an advisor of Shanghai Futures Exchange, and academic of the PBC School of Finance (PBCSF) of Tsinghua University.

    Tao Zhang

    Finance Expert

    Mr. Tao worked more than 20 years in finance, and was across areas including banking, insurance, asset management, etc. He was a partner at Gopher Asset (wholly owned by Noa Group), and investment executive at oldmutual-chnenergy.

  • Fintech and Consulting Area

    Li Deng

    Chief AI Officer at Citadel. Previously, Dr. Deng was the Chief AI Scientist at Microsoft in Redmond, where he led its Deep Learning Technology Center. Dr. Deng received the 2015 IEEE SPS Technical Achievement Award for "Outstanding Contributions to Deep Learning and to Automatic Speech Recognition”.

    Xin Yao

    Head of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Southern University of Science and Technology; Director of the Centre of Excellence for Research in Computational Intelligence and Applications (CERCIA), University of Birmingham; IEEE Fellow; President (2014-2016) of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society. Prof Yao's research areas include evolutionary computation, neural network ensembles, meta-heuristic algorithms, data mining, and computational complexity of evolutionary algorithms.

    Xiaotie Deng

    Professor of Computer Science at Shanghai Jiaotong University of China; ACM Fellow. Professor Deng’s current research focuses on algorithmic game theory with applications to Internet economics. His work covers online algorithms, parallel algorithms, and combinatorial optimization. He received his BSc from Tsinghua University, MSc from Chinese Academy of Sciences, and PhD from Stanford University.

    Paolo Sironi

    FinTech Thought Leader, IBM Watson Financial Services; Author of "Fintech Innovation – From Robo-Advisors to Goal Based Investing and Gamification". Mr. Sironi’s expertise combines financial services and technology and spans over a number of areas, including wealth management, asset management, risk management and FinTech innovation.

    Chris Marshall

    Risk, Analytics, Cognitive and FinTech Specialist at IBM's Watson Financial Services division. Dr. Marshall has a Doctorate in Business Administration from the Harvard Business School (IT and Finance), an MBA from the University of Chicago (Finance) and an MA from Cambridge University (Physics).

    Susanne Chishti

    CEO of FINTECH Circle – a global Fintech Network and Europe’s 1st Angel Network focused on fintech investments. Ms. Chishti is Entrepreneur and Investor with strong FINTECH expertise. Mentor, Judge & Coach. She has more than 14 years’ experience across Deutsche Bank, Lloyds Banking Group, Morgan Stanley and Accenture in London and in Hong Kong.

    Changwen Chen

    Mobile Multi-Media Expert



    Dean of School of Science & Engineering, the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Professor Chen’s research focus is Mobile augmented reality, mobile virtual reality and machine learning.

    Yupeng Lai

    Big-Data Finance Expert



    Mr. Lai works as strategy analysis manager at Capital one. He also served Eli Lilly & Company, Philip Morris as big-data consulting specialist. He received bachelor from Wuhan University and MBA from Indiana University.

    Tao Zhou

    Big-Data and Technology Innovation Expert


    Professor Zhou works for University of Electronic Science and Technology of China as a professor and the dean of its internet science centre. His major research interests include terahertz imaging and spectroscopy, as well as the system design.

    Xiaohu Yang

    Fintech, Software Engineering and Cloud Computing Expert

    Dr. Yang is a professor at College of Computer Science & Technology, Zhejiang University. He is the dean of Blockchain Research Center and associate dean of Computer Software Institute at Zhejiang University.

    Hengjin Cai

    AI and Fintech Expert, Start-up supervisor


    Professor Cai is a professor from Wuhan University. He is also a visiting scholar of shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT) of the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) for its multi-media integration technology research centre.

    Quming Tao

    Blockchain and IT Innovation Management Expert

    Mr. Tao works for Shanghai WX Blockchain as associate general manager. He has been serving IBM management consulting service line before joining WX Blockchain

    Lipeng Wang

    Finance Expert

    Chief Financial Officer of Webank China. Former partner at KPMG China banking service line. Mr. Wang has more than 20 years’ experience in financial technology ecosystem, natural language processing, AI-driven risk control and image recognition.

    Lijun Zhang

    Finance Consulting Expert

    Mr. Zhang is a partner at PWC China’s finance and management consulting service line. He is specialised in providing strategies, risk control, financial management, operations advices, human resources and IT services to banking, securities, insurance, and asset management clients.

    Li Guanghai

    Managing Director of Accenture Greater China. Mr. Li received his Master’s Degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Master’s and B.S. degree from the Tsinghua University.

    Xiangjun Qu

    As a partner at Mckinsey & Company China, Mr. Qu is specialised in financial institution consulting services.

    Jiansen Zhang

    Dr. Zhang is the director of the research centre at China Development Institute (Shenzhen). He is specialised in finance, engineering, enterprise management and security investment.

    Jiang Li

    Former Chief Technology Offier of Microsoft China. Mr. Li brings his knowledge and experience in cloud computing, blockchain, data centre planning and execution, IT strategy and outsourcing, financial products, etc. He also served IBM asia pacific, IBM Australia, and some US commercial banks.

    Jianbing Zheng

    Blockchain Specialist



    General manager of Shenzhen Blockchain Financial Services. Mr. Zheng has let multiple blockchain finance projects. He held roles in several investment companies and received MBA from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business.

    Yi Sun

    Blockchain Specialist



    Professor Sun is a researcher from Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academic of Sciences (ICAT). He also serves as director of Hainan Blockchain Research Centre of ICAT, and multiple roles in other blockchain associations in China.

    Peilin Zhang

    Finance Digitalisation and Enterprise Management Specialist

    Chairman of board at YonYou software, former CEO of YonYou. Mr. Zhang worked as senior executive at Computer Associates International (CA), Siemens China, and Deloitte’s Enterprise Management Consulting before.

    Shaolun Liu

    Finance and Innovation Consulting Specialist


    Mr. Liu oversees strategies and operations at Deloitte’s Enterprise Management Consulting in China. He was the former director of banking consulting service line of KPMG.

    Jianping Wang

    Digital Banking Transformation Specialist


    Partner at PWC Consulting China, Fintech area. Mr. Wang focuses on fintech and digital banking transformation, and has served clients in banking, insurance, leasing, and asset holding groups.

    Min Shen

    IT and Finance Specialist



    Innovation Officer at Agree Technology. Mr. Shen worked as director of Hande Cloud Computing, managing director of Singapore Telecommunications Limited’s NCS group, senior vice president at Kingdee software. He also played senior executive roles in IBM consulting, Capgemini, and Bearpoint China.

    Jie Luo

    Retail Banking Risk Control Specialist

    Mr. Luo is the founder of iFRE integrated retail banking solution provider. He has been running start-up companies for years. iFRE provides product design service, risk management service, asset management service and systems for small and medium sized financial institutions. It connects banks and financial institutions to internet giants such as Alibaba, Tencent, JD, Ctrip, etc.

    Xiaorong Huang

    Banking Technology Innovation Expert

    Managing Partner at PWC management consulting greater China region. Mr. Wang played multiple roles including solution manager, project partner, chief architect at IBM greater China and IBM Canada. He is specialised in IT strategies and architecture of enterprise systems.

    Bin Li

    Financial Analysis Technology Expert

    CEO of Fuxing Capital. Former executive at Merrill Lynch Securities and global quantitative trading executive at UBS. One of the six executive directors of UBS North America before joining Fuxing.

    Min Chu

    Speech Synthesis Expert


    Vice president and head of research school at AI Speech. Ms. Chu also served as IDST intelligent language exchange executive at Alibaba and led research projects in Microsoft China in speech synthesis.

    Yongxin Zhao

    Fintech Education, Practice and Consulting Expert

    Professor at Hebei Finance University. Professor Zhao serves as independent director for multiple listed companies in China, and Executive Development Program professor at Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhejiang University, Xiamen University and Dongbei University of Finance and Economics.

    Liang Zhou

    Fintech Expert


    Vice President at Hande Fintech Holding’s Rongshu Technologies. Mr. Zhou worked for Bank of China as a solution architect, and Citic bank of China as senior manager at its credit card department.

    Kedi Shao

    Founder of Era Futures. Former president at Moody’s China, president at FIS/SunGard China. He oversaw risk management, online product development, credit risk management and market expansion in his roles with Moody’s.

  • Investment Area

    Shaojie Wang

    Principal Investor Mentor

    Vice president of Hande Fintech Holding. Mr. Wang has more than 30 years’ experience in finance and investment. He is specialised in finance innovation, crowdfunding and enterprise management.

    Hongmei Zhao

    Start-up Mentor

    Ms. Zhao is the founder of Wujidao group. She is also a start-up supervisor, and has served multiple security and PE companies. She has managed portfolios for more than 10 billion CNY funds.

    Xuefei Lin

    Fintech Expert

    Ms. Lin is the president of Hande’s Jia Asset Management. She combines her expertise from start-up investment and retail banking. She served as vice president of Rongchuang Investment and held multiple roles in China Merchant Bank.

    Hao Wu


    PE partner with more than 18 years fund management experience. Dr. Wu received PHD in physics from Fudan University, and worked as Chattered Financial Analyst in USA.

    Jun Xue


    Partner and co-founder at THG Ventures. Mr. Xue helds multiple roles in associations in Tsinghua University, Silicon Valley and World Economy Forum.

    Jun Xiong


    President of Wanrong Capital. Mr. Xiong has managed portfolios or more than 7 billion CNY. He received master degree from Beijing Science and Technology University and MBA from PBC School of Finance (PBCSF) of Tsinghua.

    Jia Chen

    Investment and Information Service Expert

    Director and partner at Cybernaut Investment. Chairman of Board at Hokai Capital. Datamining and knowledge management researcher of China Academy of Science.

    Siqing Xu

    Start-up maker Investor


    Founder of Alpha Startup. Mr. Xu previously served as COO of Chinacache, CMO of Qihoo 360, and investment partner of Sinovation Ventures. He also helped Chinache to be listed on Nasdaq.

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