• China FinMaker Competition

    China FinMaker Competition is a pioneering FinTech competition in China focusing on cutting-edge technologies and their applications in the financial services industry. The event gathers major stakeholders from the Chinese FinTech scene – financial institutions, tech companies, VCs, research institutes and government officials. China FinMaker Competition aims to discover innovative Chinese and international FinTech start-ups, facilitate business opportunities and investment into FinTech space, in order to power the digital transformation of the financial services industry.


    Initiated in 2017, three cities in China – Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu have launched the China FinMaker Competition. The competitions achieved impressive success. Previous events saw over 200 participating projects, 50+ jury members from top-tier VCs, tech companies, and financial institutions, and 30+ event partners.

  • China FinMaker Competition

    Hangzhou | March 25~26, 2018

    The next China FinMaker Competition will take place in Hangzhou, one of the major FinTech, economic, innovations hubs in China. This time, it will be a Grand Competition - all winners of the previous events in 2017 will take part to compete with the new teams for the grand prizes. What’s more, there will be a special segment for international FinTech. In total, 10 international startups from around the world will be invited to pitch and have the chance to win a RMB 200,000 cash prize.

    The Hangzhou China FinMaker Competition is hosted by the Municipal Government of Hangzhou in collaboration with a wide range of private sector and media partners.



  • Application & Selection Criteria

    • Financial services providers, startups, individual entrepreneurs/ inventors/ researchers working in the FinTech space from all countries are eligible to apply
    • We are most interested in FinTech innovations applying Blockchain, Big Data, VR / AR, and Artificial Intelligence technologies
    • We are particularly interested in fintech solutions for: Risk Prevention Management, Big Data Credit, Supply Chain Finance, SME Financing, Asset Securitization, Payments, Smart Banking, Smart Investment and Securities Insurance Funds
    • Projects with independent IP rights are given priority

    Application Deadline
    The application was closed on February 28, 2018. We want to thank all the applying startups for your interest!


  • Awards & Prizes

    Awards & Cash Prizes

    • 1st Place: RMB 200,000 
    • 2nd Place: RMB 100,000
    • 3rd Place: RMB 50,000
    • Special award for a top international startup: RMB 200,000
    * We will provide economy-class return flights tickets and local accommodation for one member of the participating team.

    All participants will receive:

    • Targeted networking opportunities with VCs, financial institutions, and government bodies
    • Match-making with Chinese banks looking for FinTech innovations
    • Mentorship by top-tier technology experts and investors
    • Direct funding opportunities
    • Great media exposure in China


  • Juries

    The jury panel of China FinMaker Competition consists of top FinTech experts coming both from China and overseas. In total there are 16-20 members, who are carefully selected to represent comprehensive expertise in finance, technology and venture capital investments.

    Cao Tong

    Chair- Banking

    A well-recognized FinTech leader in China. He is currently the Chairman of Hande Finmaker. He is a former President of WeBank (the first online only bank in China owned by Tencent) and an Executive VP of China CITIC Bank. He also served as a senior executive at People’s Bank of China, EXIM Bank of China and China Merchants Bank.

    Yao Xin

    Chair- Technology

    Head of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Southern University of Science and Technology; Director of the Centre of Excellence for Research in Computational Intelligence and Applications (CERCIA), University of Birmingham. IEEE Fellow. Former President of IEEE Computational Intelligence Society.

    Wang Shaojie

    Chair- Investment

    President of the China Zhongguancun Private Equity and Venture Capital Association - a network of renowned private equity investment companies. Partner of HFL Capital, a VC fund that invests in high-growth tech companies.

  • Participating FinTechs


    Financial Risk Forecasting

    United Kingdom





    Digital Identity



    Credit Risk Management


    Funding Xchange

    SME Financing

    United Kingdom





    Credit Risk Management

    United States





    Blockchain KYC

    United States



    United States

  • FinMaker Award

    The final international Golden FinMaker Award goes to Funding Xchange, a UK Fintech company that has created a marketplace for eligible business loans and funding options for SMEs.

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